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What Do Your Mailings Say About You?

Remember the old phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? That’s true in marketing, too. What do your marketing campaigns say about you? Let’s look at two different approaches. Dear homeowner, We’re having a big sale! Come into our showroom this weekend and check out our wide variety of merchandise.…


Tropical Travel Brochure

Creative and inviting travel brochure! Client: Santa Lucia Tourist Board Design: Jonathan Plazonja, ISMBoston, MA Paper: Monadnock Astrolite Silk White 65, 80, 100 lb. Cover, 80 lb. Text (paper coating enhanced leaf feel) Finishing and Binding: Die-cut, emboss (special positioning on the leaf so it felt like a real leaf), channel score; Leaf: satin aqueous coating   Featured on…

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Want to Personalize? What to Avoid

When marketers talk about producing “personalized printing” or 1:1 printing, they are talking about printing that communicates with a customer in a way that static direct mail cannot. By definition, this approach is based on knowing something about each customer, even if it’s just name and address. When done correctly, however, 1:1 printing is more…


Photographer’s Business Card

The envelope is black with the logo blind embossed. The die cut window that views the card as you pull it out tells a story. Two stocks were glued together so it does not show the embossing impression from the other side. This is so relevant to what the person does for a living. Very creative!…