Charley Inc. is a creative agency whose name and philosophy are inspired by John Steinbeck’s road-trip classic, Travels with Charley.  As a thank you gift to clients, the New York City-based agency created a Valentine’s Day gift that was more unexpected then a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Every year, Charley Inc. picks a charity to support and creates a holiday mailing around it. This year, they chose the Humane Society. They celebrated Valentine’s Day by sending out dog and cat nesting bowls filled with delicious treats.

The agency printed the card on Strathmore Pure Cotton. “We loved the soft feel and texture of Strathmore Pure Cotton. It also has a nice warmth to it that we thought was a good fit.”

Smith and the rest of the Charley team were thrilled that their gift made the impact it did. “It shows that you can make a big impression without spending a lot of money. It’s all about a great idea, beautiful materials… and a little love.”


Author Ariel Smullen

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